Kyle Scheurmann featured on the Artalogue podcast | From Palette to Protest: How Kyle Scheurmann Fights for Canada's Forests

kyle scheurmann

Canadian artist and activist Kyle Scheurmann is featured on the latest episode of Artalogue, a new podcast exploring careers in art.

CLICK HERE to listen to From Palette to Protest: How Kyle Scheurmann Fights for Canada's Forests on Spotify.


Kyle Scheurmann paints more than just landscapes; his art illustrates the urgency of our changing climate and the need for its conservation. Madison's conversation with the artist and dedicated activist focuses on the precarious situation of British Columbia's old growth forests—a tale of both beauty and betrayal.

Kyle's narrative-driven, highly saturated paintings challenge us to see beyond his style and to grapple with the environmental reality they reveal upon closer inspection. Delving into the complex legacy of Canadian landscape painting, we draw connections between the celebrated works of the Group of Seven and Emily Carr, and the contemporary role of art and art history in environmental discourse.  We discuss the how the government is addressing the situation, the tireless efforts of forest protectors, and the stark realities of ongoing deforestation in Canada. How can art address these problems, and can art be a solution to them? Kyle shares his journey as an artist who not only pictures the natural world but fights for its future.

Kyle Scheurmann featured at The Artalogue Podcast
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