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Joshua Jensen-Nagle's dreamy photographs transport us to stunning places around the world. To capture the images for his ongoing Never Ending Summer II collection, he traveled to beachy coasts in the Mediteranean and the Middle East to capture compelling compositions and portraits of bliss.

Jensen-Nagle's immersive, cinematic, large-scale photos invite viewers to lose themselves in the crowd and the striking landscape. Viewing photography as a “means to evoke emotion rather than document a reality,” he has spent a decade traveling the globe in search of beachscapes dotted with bathers to turn into compelling images, often hanging out of helicopters to capture his birds-eye views.



Portugal with its colors, smells, tastes and friendly people, captures the heart instantly.  Wooded hills give way to a coastline of coves, dunes and secret beaches making this an exciting landscape to photograph.



Isreal, with its rolling hills and electric turquoise waters, has inspired many of Jensen-Nagle's photographs including the Dead Sea Salt series. The Dead Sea emanates stillness and serenity with its glimmering waves and gray sand. 




Italy, specifically the Amalfi Coast, serves as a luxurious place for sunbathing and people watching. The deep blue hue of the ocean contrasted with the vibrant boats and swimsuits make for unique colour palettes in these snapshots. 

Joshua Jensen-Nagle's summer exhibition will be on view at Bau-Xi Vancouver from July 4-16.

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