Jeffrey Milstein | New Hot Air Balloon Images

Jeffrey Milstein aerial photography, presented by Bau-Xi Gallery

As a continuation of Jeffrey Milstein's acclaimed Aircraft series, the artist has released six new photographs of hot air balloons. Like his airplanes, Milstein shoots the hot air balloons from directly beneath, capturing them at the precise moment that gives the images perfect balance and symmetry.

"It's a challenging since [the hot air balloons] just follow the wind...I have to find a suitable place ahead of time and hope they come over."

Consistent with the series to date, Milstein meticulously removes the backgrounds in post-production, distilling the image down to the minute details of the aircraft. Captured with the precision of a steady hand and a discerning eye, these exciting new additions to the Aircraft series demonstrate not only the artist's continued fascination with flight, but also his acute awareness of design, colour and symmetry.

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