How Lori Nix created “Botanic Garden”, her post-apocalyptic paradise

Lori Nix Botanic Garden presented by Bau-Xi GalleryLori Nix, Botanic Garden, chromogenic print, available in 2 sizes in editions of 15. Click image for more information.

Lori Nix meticulously constructs three-dimensional miniature dioramas by hand and captures her images using a large-format film camera. These scenes of an imagined, post-apocalyptic world are infused with dark humour and irony. Through the photographic process, the fictional scene is transformed into a surreal space, where scale, perspective and the document of the photograph create a tension between the material reality of the scene and the impossibility of the depicted narrative.

Here is a behind-the-scenes image by Lori Nix that offers more information on how these captivating images are created and captured.

Lori Nix behind-the-scenes image of Botanic Garden presented by Bau-Xi Gallery

Lori Nix's work will be featured in Bau-Xi Vancouver’s August Group Exhibition, Into The Garden opening August 6th

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