Bratsa Bonifacho |  Celebration: 10-Year Retrospective 2013-2022 

After some 60 years as an artist, known for his graphic renderings of symbols often painted in highly contrasting colours, Bratsa Bonifacho is undiminished in passion and commitment. Over 200 paintings from a decade's worth of new series are reproduced in this tenth book of Bonifacho's artistic career. Celebration: 10-Year Retrospective 2013-2022 also includes new work from previously featured series. This hardcover book is 300 pages and is now available for purchase in limited numbers.


Bonifacho answers our questions as he reflects on this milestone in his artistic career.

BX: This is your tenth book - an incredible achievement. How does it feel to reach this point in your career?

BB: Nothing unusual!... only inspiration for future achievements and of course ideas.

BX: When you see your work progress in this way, what do you identify as a recurring theme or themes?

BB: The theme itself is developed in the moment of the process. It’s like giving birth to a new topic and/or a new story; an example for me is akin to the process of "discovering America."

BX: Bold color is always present in your art – is color something that strikes a chord and resonates with you in life as well?

BB: My palette is broad, never just pure colour, but a whole lot of noise - "accordingly" I begin and tell my rich story taking inspiration from the background.

BX: Has your process changed at all over the years? 

BB: Of course - only during the process you know something is happening, but you can't figure out what it is!

BX: Can you share what you have in mind for your continued work?

BB: It’s a very personal thing, but you only notice that change after everything has long since advanced and of course in a positive direction!

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