Vicki Smith | Flora and Fauna

Vicki Smith | Flora and Fauna 
May 9-30, 2024
Bau-Xi Gallery | Dufferin
1384 Dufferin Street, Toronto
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 11, 3-5 PM | ARTIST IN ATTENDANCE

Bau-Xi Gallery presents Flora and Fauna, the highly anticipated solo exhibition by Toronto-based painter, Vicki Smith. In this new collection, Smith creates a conversation between her signature figures and stunning new landscape paintings. The artist explores the before or after the figure comes and goes, gently breaking the reflections in the water, then stillness returns and reflects nature in an indirect way.

Artist Statement:

"Flora and Fauna is a series of paintings about the female form and the temporal interplay of light and energy within reflections of the natural environment.

As a sequel to my previous work, this collection elaborates on and extends the experience of peace by pairing swimmers with images of quiet reflected landscapes. Throughout this body of work, the swimmers gently break the surface of the water, scattering the reflections which in turn distort and dissolve the body. Boundaries merge and mingle in a momentary exchange. Much like the practice of meditation, the swimmers revel in an experience that circumvents conscious thought and the complimentary images of reflective landscape nudge us back to a place of stillness and quiet focus. As always, my paintings are in pursuit of a calm and peaceful space."

Vicki Smith's artwork is included in countless private and public collections across North America and Europe. Smith studied fine art at the Ontario College of Art. She lives and works in Toronto.


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