Unique Perspectives | Curated Exhibition

Gallery Artists | Unique Perspectives
February 1-22, 2024
1384 Dufferin Street, Toronto

In our everyday lives, certain elements can often go unnoticed. Not on purpose, but simply because they are omnipresent. Whether it be a book, a flower, or even the buildings and people that surround us, we accept these as a part of life. Through their imaginative creations, artists have the unique ability to take these objects and ask us to look at them anew. This month, we feature works by Cara Barer, Isabelle Menin, Jeffrey Milstein, and Michael Wolf, artists who keenly observe the world around them, taking everyday objects and offering a unique perspective to the viewer. Their hope is that we take these experiences with us and look at the world that surrounds us with a deeper fascination.


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