Isabelle Menin | Focus

Isabelle Menin | Focus Exhibition
April 16 - 30, 2020
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver

Belgian photographer Isabelle Menin's inaugural exhibition at Bau-Xi Vancouver will feature a selection of her acclaimed ‘disordered landscapes’; composed of found images and original photographs, Menin juxtaposes her floral subject matter with her skillful use of digital manipulation to create vignettes imbued with playful artifice.

Evocative of a wide range of references, from dutch still life and cut-paper collages to chintz fabrics, Menin explores what she terms 'nature's strange complexity' with a keen awareness for the dichotomies of light and shadow, truth and fiction.

Informed by her background as a painter and illustrator, the painterly nature and graphic sensibility of Menin’s approach reinterprets her natural imagery as source material for mark-making; abstracted and reoriented, the petals and stems abundant in Menin’s compositions become a means to enact disembodied gestures.

Through Menin’s process, these expressive forms coalesce into layered transparencies and riotous arrangements, harnessing a sense of dynamic movement and visual force to realize the artist’s fervent exploration of the uncanny and sublime.


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