Bradley Wood | Inner Monologue

Bradley Wood Exhibition at Bau-Xi Gallery Toronto

Bradley Wood | Inner Monologue 
October 5 - 29, 2023
Bau-Xi Gallery | Dufferin: 1384 Dufferin Street, Toronto 
Opening Reception: Thursday October 5, 5-7 pm
Bau-Xi Toronto presents Inner Monologue, the new exhibition from New York-based artist, Bradley Wood. Through expressive brushwork, Wood’s voyeuristic oil paintings place stylized figures within fictional spaces: tableaux of excess, opulence, and drama. Interested in the infinite possibilities those realms afford him, Wood treats each piece much like a playwright, staging a scene, imbuing each ‘actor’ with an imagined backstory. 
Artist Statement: 

"Upon first glance, the focus of this series of portraits might seem as if it is on self-aware poses within lavish interiors. However, upon further inspection, a deeper focus comes into view: the thoughts and conversations occurring inside each character’s head. 

This series of fictitious portraits is an exploration of compositional and psychological tension, where lavish environments provide a backdrop that offers subtle clues to who these subjects are and their states of mind. 

What I find most magical in the process is how each of my subjects develop. I start with a general idea, piecing together various references—a nose from a 17th century painting, eyes from a friend’s Instagram, an article of clothing I noticed in a coffee shop, a patterned rug I saw in an old film. But soon, I often feel as if I'm losing control as the characters slowly reveal themselves to me. Rather than manipulate their thoughts and mood, I let them tell me who they are and what they're thinking. I kind of let go, with my painting hand, allowing the slip of a brush stroke to loosely happen only to realize it's an indication of an unplanned expression. I find myself laughing out loud in the solitude of my studio at times because even I, as the painter, am surprised time and time again.

- Bradley Wood, 2023


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