Visiting the underwater studio of Barbara Cole

Underwater photoshoot poolside with artist Barbara Cole

July 21, 2016 - Toronto

Riko Nakasone (Bau-Xi Vancouver Director) and Alissa Sexton (Bau-Xi Toronto Co-Director) were thrilled to spend this heatwave poolside at one of Toronto artist Barbara Cole's photoshoots today. As an artist who typically shoots underwater subjects, Cole has to use these beautiful summer days to create her artistic visions. 

During the shoot, Cole used multiple models, various costumes (designed by the artist), and 2 pools as she worked toward two parallel show ideas, still in their infancy. Following these photoshoots, Cole works tirelessly in studio evaluating her images, and editing her selections for inclusion in the final exhibitions.

It was amazing to see how Cole is able to crop these moving, floating figures all in-camera to create stunning images. Thank you to Barbara Cole for sharing this incredible process with us over the years.

This image above shows one of Cole's models awaiting her turn to be choreographed in front of the lens-- we are sorry we can't share more!


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