Ted Fullerton awarded prominent sculpture commission

Congratulations to Bau-Xi artist Ted Fullerton who has recently been awarded a sculpture commission for the Billings Art and Heritage Trail, Manitoulin Island, to be installed in the Summer of 2017.

Digital rendering of the artist’s intention for commissioned piece Ascend/Transcend


Ascend/Transcend: Billings Art and Heritage Trail, Manitoulin Island.

The sculpture Ascend/Transcend will consist of three figures stepping up into “imagined space”. Each pole will have a different elevation reinforcing the notion of ascension and transcendance, creating a sculpture that places imagined human endeavor and achievement between earth and sky. This inference will be reinforced with a yellow bird – yellow being symbollc of enlightenment – surmounted on the highest figure’s head.


View paintings and sculpture by Ted Fullerton online here 

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