New Frederick Hagan Watercolours at Bau-Xi Toronto

Frederick Hagan landscape watercolour presented by Bau-Xi Gallery Toronto

Frederick Hagan, 'Untitled #85,' 1961, watercolour on paper, 17 x 23 inches.

Bau-Xi Toronto is pleased to present a new selection of Frederick Hagan paintings from the artist's estate. These captivating watercolour paintings exemplify the artist's close relationship with the Canadian landscape. Works range from the 1950s to the 1990s.

Hagan’s unique work has for decades responded to and shaped Canadian painting. Born in Toronto and raised in Cabbagetown, Hagan looked to his lived environments as sources for his artistic subjects: the bustling urban life of a growing city, memories of family and childhood experiences, and the idyllic scenery of the Muskoka region, to which he traveled regularly.

Hagan was quickly recognized for his talent, and by age 21 was exhibiting with the Royal Canadian Academy, while taking classes at the Ontario College of Art under the direction of John Alfsen and Frank Carmichael. Soon, he would take on the role of educator himself, a vocation which would come to define Hagan’s career in equal part to his studio practice. Between 1946 and 1983, Hagan taught printmaking at the Ontario College of Art; a talented lithographer in his own right, he influenced an entire generation of artists who would take up the challenge of figurative painting and revive its role as a valuable genre that could comment meaningfully on a contemporary spirit.



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