Jill Greenberg on RISD's Alumni Podcast, Pulling on the Thread

Jill Greenberg Painting Photograph at Bau-Xi Gallery in Toronto | Art Galleries in Toronto and Vancouver

Jill Greenberg's episode of the Rhode Island School of Design's new Alumni podcast, Pulling on the Thread, is now live. In this episode, Greenberg chats about the newest development in her painting series—set to show at Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, in September, 2022—along with a new series of flower photographs and the possibility of her first NFT.



Jill Greenberg is known for her signature portrait style that has captured both the anthropomorphic sensitivity of animals and the playful, politically-inflected poses of crying children. Through her work, Greenberg ultimately challenges contemporary perceptions of photography and the medium's limitations.

Born in Montreal and raised in Detroit, Greenberg began her artistic career as a student of illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design but soon switched her focus to photography, graduating with Honours in 1989 alongside a generation of artists who looked to the medium as a platform for political and social commentary. Decorated with awards for both her commercial and fine art photography, Greenberg has since been exhibited worldwide, with her work collected by both private collectors and public institutions, including the Portland Museum of Art and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Jill Greenberg has been represented by Bau-Xi Gallery since 2015. The artist is scheduled to exhibit her newest "paintings" at Bau-Xi Gallery's Toronto space in September, 2022.

Greenberg currently lives and works from her studio in New York, NY. 



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