Jeffrey Milstein Featured in My French Country Home Magazine

In 2019, Jeffrey Milstein took to the skies over Paris and Versailles, capturing the exquisite views privy to only a few. A selection of these photographs has been featured in the March/April 2020 issue of My French Country Home Magazine. 

A professional photographer, graphic designer, and architect, Milstein infuses his photographs with his lifelong creative passion and fascination for flight. The artist's trained eye and steady hand produce images of pristine clarity that focus on design, color, and symmetry. Carefully positioned and using an ultra high-resolution digital camera, he skillfully photographs aircrafts, airports, cities, ports and watercrafts in a style that emulates the rich, graphic quality of architectural drawings. 

Milstein’s photographs have been published in Men’s Vogue, TIME Magazine, European Photography, American Photo, Eyemazing, Die Zeit, Wired, PDN, Esquire and Conde Nast Portfolio. His acclaimed series “Aircraft: The Jet as Art” was exhibited in a year-long solo show at the National Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC from November 2011 – November 2012. Born in Los Angeles, where he frequently returns to shoot at the International Airport, Milstein makes his home in Woodstock, NY.



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