Janna Watson Interview with Artist Decoded podcast

Janna Watson

Los Angeles based podcast, Artist Decoded, recently hosted Bau-Xi Gallery artist Janna Watson for an in-depth interview to discuss her life, artistic practice, and relationship with spirituality. Growing up in a small town in Northern Ontario, with a father being a Pentecostal pastor, Janna explains how she came to a particular point of surrender in the wrestling of her faith and personal life when coming out at the age of 18. The artist defines this as a critical point within her story; being a major catalyst for who she is today. 

Janna reflects on the title of her upcoming show at Bau-Xi Gallery, Falling Forward, and its poignant reference to the way we are currently living our lives throughout the global health crisis of the coronavirus. 

Listen to the full interview with Janna Watson here. 

Falling Forward will be released at Bau-Xi Gallery Toronto in June 2020. Please contact us at 416-977-0600 and toronto@bau-xi.com for enquires and acquisitions. 


Janna Watson

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