In The Studio with David T. Alexander

A rewarding day was spent with David making the final selection of paintings for the BC artist's highly anticipated upcoming solo show opening June 10th at Bau-Xi Vancouver. The artist continues to surprise us with new modes of mark-making and an unpredictable and riveting use of colour in both his landscapes and his 'wet' series. We can't wait to unveil this stunning and ambitious new body of work.

"Land and Mindscape : Perceptions and Sensations" opens June 10th at Bau-Xi Vancouver

Contact us at if you'd like to be notified for previewing.



David has often said some of his most favoured paint brushes are the ones that are the most worn and paint encrusted ones because they make the most original and interesting marks on the canvas.


The studio floor wears the patina of countless hours spent painting here.


The final selection for the show has been made late in the day after much deliberation



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