George Byrne: Third Place Winner At The 2019 Minimalist Photography Awards

Congratulations to George Byrne whose recent work "Post Truth" (pictured above) placed third in the Fine-Art category of the 2019 Minimalist Photography Awards.  

Of the work, the artist states:

"This image is from a recent series of mine called Post Truth. It is a photo-collage, constructed from elements pulled from multiple locations. Shot on medium format film. For the Post Truth series, I would look for ready-made vignettes of colour and form in the built world around me, and then try and repurpose or reinvent them. By embracing the process of photo-assemblage or collage, these photographs have become creations as much as they are observations.”

A selection of pieces by Geroge Byrne are available to view in person at Bau-Xi Vancouver and Bau-Xi Photo in Toronto.

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