FEATURED PAIR: Sheri Bakes and Chris Temple


 Today's featured pair showcases two incredible works by Bau-Xi artists. 'Lavender' by Sheri Bakes--just installed following its arrival from Vancouver--makes for an exciting companion to Chris Temple's 'Park' in our main floor gallery.

Temple's refined, architectural studies are just as much compositions of light and space as they are of a familiar, urban landscape. 'Park' offers us an experiment in looking, characteristic of the artist's work: multiple, simultaneous perspectives combine as our view rushes in on a clarifying piece of sky.

Like Temple, Bakes uses light to soften the world and play with its focus. The large scale of 'Lavender' lends an energizing effect of this painting in its study of growth, movement, breath and light. 

Together and alone, Temple and Bakes show us how to create seemingly expansive worlds on a canvas surface.

Artwork details:

Sheri Bakes, 'Lavender,' 66 X 72 inches, oil on canvas, $9700 | VIEW COLLECTION

Chris Temple, 'Park,' 40 X 58 inches, oil on canvas, $13,500 | VIEW COLLECTION

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