Faces of Our Planet: Jeffrey Milstein featured by the Smithsonian

Faces of Our Planet

By: Carolyn Russo
Aeronautics Department

“Hopefully we see the connections between all living things and their importance to each other—and begin to save the world rather than destroy it.” – Barry Koffler, High Falls, New York, U.S.

About the Photographer

Jeffrey Milstein (b. 1944, U.S.) Artists first settled here [Hudson Valley, New York] in the 1800s, and its natural beauty fostered the Hudson River School of landscape painting. Prior to globalization, the area was also an important source of food and manufactured goods for New York City but the area became adversely affected with cheaper imports. We are seeing a rebirth of agriculture due to the demand for farm-to-table food. Also, the internet has shrunk the world making it possible to run global businesses from the Valley."

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