VIDEO | Artist Profile: Joshua Jensen-Nagle

Joshua Jensen-Nagle Photography at Bau-Xi Gallery

Go behind the scenes with Toronto-based photographer, Joshua Jensen-Nagle. The in-depth interview explores the artists series from Dreams and Journeys to his most recent body of work, Sunsets and Fireworks, debuted by Bau-Xi Gallery at Art Toronto 2022! We invite you behind the lens of this incredible artist to explore breathtaking destinations from his perspective.

"The first time I went up in the helicopter, it's a very unnerving feeling. You're hanging out of it at a high altitude. Wind is shaking you around, and there's turbulence. There's definitely times where I'm grabbing the seat. But soon as I'm looking through the camera, all that goes away."


Joshua Jensen-Nagle is a prominent Canadian photographer known for his evocative beach photography and nostalgic scenes of European landmarks. Jensen-Nagle's romantic, dreamlike photographs impart nostalgia and purity often through a faraway or overhead view of his subject. His frequent travels abroad inspire many of his photographic series. 

"My work is how I view the world. Whatever is going on in my life, whatever I experience or whatever I see, it's just a pure reflection coming through me creatively, and that's what ends up being made."

Jensen-Nagle bases his full-time art practice in Toronto. Having mounted over fifty exhibitions in the last seventeen years, he is widely recognized for his practice and has been collected throughout North America and Europe.


Joshua Jensen-Nagle at Bau-Xi Gallery

Image courtesy of JJN STUDIOS INC


Joshua Jensen-Nagle, "Garden Party" at Bau-Xi Gallery

Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Garden Party, from Pieces of You series - available in 4 sizes at Bau-Xi Gallery


Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Expressions of you from Sunset and Fireworks series

Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Expressions of You, from Sunsets & Fireworks series - available in 2 sizes at Bau-Xi Gallery




Video courtesy of Candybox Marketing and JJN STUDIOS INC
Title image: Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Dreaming of Bordeaux - available in 4 sizes


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