Bau-Xi Gallery is excited to announce that the inaugural Art Auction for Old-Growth will be taking place September 22nd to September 29th.

This event will feature 16 artists from across the country, including Bau-Xi artists Mel Gausden, Anne Griffiths, Gavin Lynch, and Kyle Scheurmann (Auction Organizer). All proceeds from this online-only auction are in support of the Nature-Based Solutions Foundation (NBSF) and their joint-conservation project, the Old-Growth Solutions Initiative. These causes are directed at helping protect endangered old-growth forests in British Columbia.

Led by some of BC’s most experienced conservationists, the Old-Growth Solutions Initiative is leading the way to fill the key conservation funding gaps that are essential for creating new protected areas for endangered old-growth forests.

These incredible ecosystems host rich repositories of biodiversity and store more carbon per hectare than the Amazon rainforest. Over the years, extensive logging has annihilated much of what remains of these unprotected forests. We now have an opportunity to help ensure these forests are protected in perpetuity through supporting this uniquely positioned project.

View the full collection when it goes live on September 22nd by visiting

For an early preview of the auction, follow the Instagram or Facebook account; @artauctionforoldgrowth

Photo credit: TJ Watt, Nature Based Solutions Foundation

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