Anticipated exhibition coming to Toronto

Cori Creed's anticipated exhibition coming to Toronto


340 Dundas St. W, Toronto
March 4 - 18, 2017

Visit Bau-Xi Toronto this March to enjoy the latest series by landscape painter Cori Creed. Stage represents a project to capture fleeting glimpses of nature, to isolate in paint the total experience of a scene brimming with life. For the artist, painting is an exploration of this temporal and material process, with the final canvas continuing to unfold before our eyes in vibrant hues and strong painterly forms. Time becomes an essential medium for Creed, who both relishes and contends with the impossible task of rendering an elusive moment. Lush trees bow in the wind, waves lap against the shoreline, and soft clouds build on the horizon, with the artist's characteristic splashes and drips infusing each world with perspective and spontaneity. The resulting works are scenes of nature that play out indefinitely on a painted stage. 

Cori Creed was born in Vancouver in 1973. She studied Fine Art at Simon Fraser University and Design at Capilano College. Her work has been collected and exhibited in both Canada and abroad.

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