Steven Nederveen: A Temperate Nature

Bau-Xi Gallery is pleased to present A Temperate Nature, a new series of mixed media paintings by Steven Nederveen.
Fusing both photography and painting, Steven Nederveen develops a magical realism that inspires us to see the natural world with new eyes. Photographs - taken during his treks through the West Coast mountains and seaside parks - emphasize the emotional memory of his travels.

Nederveen's abstract paintings, debuting for the first time, demonstrate an adventurous foray into colour and non-representational art. Deeply personal and yet universal, Nederveen's work suggests that despite the cosmopolitan aspects of Canadian cities, the gestural movement of waves and trees, the height of our vast mountains, and expanse of our prairies speaks to our shared Canadian cultural identity. Transforming the experience of his travel photographs into free-form shapes, drips and textures spilling freely across the panel surface, Nederveen's abstract works present an evolution of his landscape painting, impelling his practice to explore new and challenging places. 

Show runs June 11 - 25, 2016 at Bau-Xi Vancouver
OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, June 11 from 2 - 4 PM, Artist in attendance
TOUR WITH ARTIST: Saturday June 18 at 1pm, in conjunction with the annual South Granville Art Walk. 

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