Vicky Christou | Infinitude

Vicky Christou | Infinitude
April 1-12, 2023
Upper Gallery
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver

Opening Reception Saturday, April 1, 2-4pm | Artist in Attendance

Vicky Christou's work explores the illusionary play between colour, proportion, and pattern. Christou constructs a dimensional surface by meticulously applying layers of lines of acrylic paint by hand. The accumulated paint lines create an optical play between colour, form and space. Christou’s highly textured surfaces defy traditional distinctions between painting, sculpture and craft.

Artist statement:

Within my new body of work, I reference stillness, memory and infinity. My meditative art practice acts as a performative cornerstone from where I reflectively begin and pause.  

The impasto painted grid form moves into subtle enfolding and unfolding patterns and arrangements, while other paintings are in states of stasis. I was inspired by the concept of infinity and the Greek work 
Aperion, the constant loop of ephemeral life experiences and happenings. I find beauty in fleeting glimpses of transient light: a colour that glints, peaks in saturation, then descends and fades. The simple poetry of daily observations, my paintings symbolize transient variables of my pauses, still moments of awareness and memories.  

These works use both color and materiality to create feelings of a time and space, or a memory of a person that I want to see again.

-Vicky Christou 2023


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