The Constructed Landscape

The Constructed Landscape
November 4-16, 2023 | Upper Gallery
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver


Bau-Xi Vancouver proudly presents The Constructed Landscape, a specially curated exhibition featuring photographic works by Bau-Xi’s urban landscape photographers.

In the Oxford Bibliographies in Renaissance and Reformation, Fabrizio Nevola provided the following: “The study and practice of urbanism has been defined as “broadly encompass[ing] town planning and urban improvement, often a technical activity overseen by professionals; it is also taken to relate to the processes and interactions of urban society with the built environment, a more all-encompassing definition in which agency is afforded to urban populations in the shaping of the environment they inhabit.” (November 29, 2018).

Feats of engineering, technology and urban planning all contribute to the structure of a city: a composite of built environments designed to enhance and help us navigate contemporary life. The Constructed Landscape focuses on these built surroundings and the multiple ways in which they can be viewed, from the impressive patterning of a fully designed and realized community to the humble materials used to build it. This photography-based exhibition seeks to contrast the awe-inspiring and ever-evolving methods of transportation and achievements in architecture with the very real consequences of technical breakthroughs: a faster, bigger, and more rigorously designed city benefits the quality of life for its inhabitants as much as it produces complexities!

Bringing together works by George Byrne, Jeffrey Milstein, Anthony Redpath, Chris Shepherd, and the late Michael Wolf, this exhibition pays specific attention to capturing human interaction with and within the urban landscape. Whether it be an emotional response to organic presence in a constructed world, seeing familiar scenes anew through unexpected perspectives, or the creation of human connections - however lasting or fleeting - as we co-exist, the presence of life is essential to envisioning and reshaping the cities we inhabit.


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