Ted Fullerton | Prima Materia

Ted Fullerton | Prima Materia
February 9 – 23, 2019
340 Dundas St West, Toronto
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 9, 2-4 pm. Artist in Attendance.

Rich with symbolism, Ted Fullerton’s work investigates the duality of human nature; the rational and the illogical, the physical and the spiritual, the intellectual and the intuitive. The paintings, sculptures, and stone lithographs in Prima Materia highlight this dichotomy with references to folklore, psychology, philosophy, art history, classical mythology and allegory, while holding contemporary connotations.

The concept of Prima Materia refers to the prima material or first matter; the primitive formless base of all substance. Exploring this idea, the artist’s pictorial and sculptural language illustrates and reinforces a collective memory, as well as human “duality,” within a contemporary perspective – in the words of the artist – “by turning the gaze inward as mirror and metaphor.”


Image Details:

Top: Ted Fullerton, Gukumatz and the 3 Sisters, Oil on Wood with Masonite Panel, 48 X 84 in. Left: Nietzsche and Me, Stone Lithograph, 22 X 30 in. Right: Newton's Theory, Cast Resin, Bronze Powder, Steel, 15 X 9 X 15 in.


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