Steven Nederveen | Infinite Possibilities

Steven Nederveen at Bau-Xi Gallery

Steven Nederveen | Infinite Possibilities
November 7- 21
340 Dundas Street West, Toronto

We are pleased to present a new body of work by Toronto-based artist, Steven Nederveen, in a solo exhibition aptly titled Infinite Possibilities. Through a continued exploration of movement articulated in the swirling eddies and crashing falls of water, Nederveen’s compositions capture a singular moment, encompassing a meditative rhythm and intensity, in a time that calls for stillness and reflection.

Through Nederveen's mixed-media process, a two-fold mirroring takes place: the paint material adopts the qualities of water as fine sprays and heavy pours while textured pools obfuscate the underlying image. The artist's hand, too, becomes the means through which the momentum of the wave is enacted, its force wearing away at the photographic emulsion even as it builds up the artwork surface.


Steven Nederveen at Bau-Xi Gallery
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