Pat O'Hara | Serpentine

Pat O’Hara | Serpentine
March 24 - April 10
3045 Granville St, Vancouver
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 24, 2-4PM, Artist in Attendance

Pat O’Hara’s latest suite of acrylic paintings draws on a variety of techniques which overlap sinuous swirls and curvilinear forms. A departure from the bright and saturated palette of her previous body of work Linearity, O’Hara’s use of dense and earthy colours evokes landscape imagery and meditates on life and death.

Since her break away from representational subject matter in 2013, repetitive line and mark-making have become O’Hara’s signature oeuvre. In Serpentine, the artist eschews her emphasis on even line and experiments with modulated brushstrokes to investigate the psychological tension revealed in broken line and ambiguous colour relationships. Each painting is rich with atmospheric effect. The eye dances between bundled marks of opaque paint which meander in ever-searching oblivion, fragmented and incomplete, evolving into transformative and hopeful utopias.


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