Nicole Katsuras | Sky Maps and Daydreams

Nicole Katsuras | Sky Maps and Daydreams
3045 Granville Street
July 3-15, 2021

In Sky Maps and Daydreams, Toronto-based painter Nicole Katsuras continues her exploration of the intuitive process of image-making and expressive potential of the oil medium.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse history of non-representational art, from prehistoric drawings to expressionist painting, Katsuras layers her signature extruded mark-making technique and dynamic brushstrokes to create dimensional surfaces that allude to the landscape genre.

A visual record of the artist's creative process, Katsuras' canvases become a frontier for her compositional world building as peaks and crevices of colour, gestural lines and massed forms span the picture plane.

Katsuras' reimagined topographies, with their soft palettes, jewel tone accents, and shifting perspective points evoke a sense of placeless familiarity and a quality of the picturesque ideal to present a vision of the paradisiacal abstract.

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