Joshua Jensen-Nagle | OVER THE BLUE

Joshua Jensen-Nagle: Over The Blue
November 7-21, 2019
350 Dundas St West, Toronto - Main Gallery
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 7, 5:00 - 7:00 pm.
Bau-Xi Photo Gallery in Toronto is pleased to present Over The Blue, an exhibition of work by renowned photographer Joshua Jensen- Nagle.
The images in the exhibition, Over The Blue, are the culmination of photographs taken over the past 3 years and a continuation of Joshua Jensen-Nagle’s fascination with beach culture exposed in his ongoing body of work ‘ENDLESS SUMMER’. This new body of work features recognizable sun-soaked vistas captured in Italy, Mexico, Australia, and Canada, with a focus on Tobermory, Ontario.
Shorelines selected for this exhibition were curated based on their distinct seascapes, including coasts with dramatic promontories, rock formations, and deep caves, in combination with their deep blue and green bodies of water. The result is a rich collection with elevated compositions.
Contrasted with a modern lifestyle, we find bathers basking in the sun, scattered along the shore, swimming in the sea, and escaping the bustle of their everyday life. The artist’s hope and intention is to stimulate the viewer’s reflection of their own experiences and memories, bringing them into the work. Joshua states, “If the viewer can connect on an emotional level with the images, I have succeeded.”

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