Joshua Jensen-Nagle | Endless Summer II

Joshua Jensen-Nagle| Endless Summer II
July 4-16, 2020
3045 Granville St, Vancouver

Bau-Xi Vancouver is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Canadian photographer Joshua Jensen-Nagle in his return to his acclaimed Endless Summer series. Featuring photographs of the Mexican Riviera, Western Australia, and the Great Lakes Region, Jensen-Nagle continues to­­ capture aerial images of sunbathed figures set against sublime natural backdrops.

Jensen-Nagle’s bird’s-eye view and immersive, large-scale format disturb one’s sense of depth and perspective to abstract these familiar sites; dramatic visual patterns emerge from the photographic surface: colourful umbrellas form recurring motifs, swimmers afloat become the material of choice for the artist’s mark-making, poised between the painterly washes of sand and surf demarcating his compositions.

Beyond their evocative potential and arresting imagery, Joshua Jensen-Nagle’s scenes inspire a dialogue revolving around the nuanced spatial history of the beach. The effect of this imaging is multifold, a study of topographical and ecological tensions between the boundaries of land and sea; a liminal space between nature and civilization, the familiar and unknown. Situated in this shifting interstice, Jensen-Nagle examines the ways in which humanity inhabits these far-flung environs; ruminating upon the nature and evolution of leisure and its place in the breakneck pace of our everyday lives.


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