Jill Greenberg | Paintings 2

Jill Greenberg | Paintings 2
November 19-30, 2022
350 Dundas St West, Toronto

Bau-Xi Photo presents Paintings 2, an exhibition of new works by New York-based photographer, Jill Greenberg. In this continuation of the artist’s Paintings series, Greenberg captures the lustrous and wonderful surface of paintings made by her own hand.

     “I set out to make a body of work that commented on the idea of artists painting from photographs. Yet ultimately, as with all of my work, I aim for the work itself to not only have meaning but also be luscious and compelling, vivid and emotional. I combine acrylic, tempera, oils, and water, usually on a glass painter’s palette. By manipulating the paint with brushes and palette knives, allowing it to dry, adding water back, and rotating the glass to change the reflections, as I capture images remotely from my laptop, each sequential capture is slightly different as the water flows and the pigment dissolves, the surface of the paint reflects light differently.”

Describing her work as, “lens-based, 100-megapixel paintings” Greenberg marries two art forms. “The photograph is the culmination of the work, a new hybrid medium made with a mastery of both light and paint, time and the hand, not a mere painting.”

Born in Montreal and raised in Detroit, Greenberg began her artistic career as a student of illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design but soon switched her focus to photography, graduating with Honours in 1989 alongside a generation of artists who looked to the medium as a platform for political and social commentary. Decorated with awards for both her commercial and fine art photography, Greenberg has since been exhibited worldwide, with her work collected by both private collectors and public institutions, including the Portland Museum of Art and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Greenberg currently lives and works from her studio in New York, NY. 


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