Janna Watson | Falling Forward

Janna Watson

Bau-Xi Gallery is pleased to present a dynamic new body of work by Toronto-based painter, Janna Watson. In a solo exhibition titled Falling Forward, Watson reasserts and expands on her distinctive abstraction and emphatic colour that propelled her into national and global recognition. 
"Life unfolds towards the unknown, as intangible forced propel us into the future at an unprecedented rate."

Falling Forward was completed in 2020, before "shit hit the fan", and yet still feels appropriate. 

This new body of work by Canadian painter, Janna Watson, articulates the subconscious energy afoot, that draws awareness to an invisible creator and shares in this moment, making visible the things that create movement in life. 
Invisible forces have always directed us, and in more ways than we realize: wind steers us, gravity grounds us, friction moves us forward, currents can pull us under and now a virus has taken us to our inner spaces. 
Inward is a familiar landing place for Watson, where she finds the force to transform objects and colours, in order to reflect on new futures. 
“The ghostly, silent virus is pulling the world inside out,” she explains. “The inevitable sublime that is creating, and re-creating life and time, moment by moment, cannot be stopped. 

"Things just can't help but become themselves."

Falling Forward will be released at Bau-Xi Gallery Toronto in June 2020. Please contact us at 416-977-0600 and toronto@bau-xi.com for enquires and acquisitions. 


Janna Watson

Janna Watson

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