Jamie Evrard | In Full Bloom

Jamie Evrard | In Full Bloom

September 9 - 23, 2023
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver
Opening Reception Saturday, September 9, 2-4pm | Artist in Attendance

Bau-Xi Vancouver presents In Full Bloom, the new exhibition from Vancouver artist Jamie Evrard. A master of expressionist florals, Evrard offers a lush reverie of a collection which celebrates the bountiful blooms and blissful headiness of high summer in Vancouver. Through Evrard's atmospheric paintings, the viewer is led down meandering paths of nostalgia and appreciation for the very best of times - a welcome respite in today's uncertain world.

Artist Statement:

Another bright blue morning and I went out to pick some pints of blackberries and an enormous bunch of deep ultramarine hydrangeas, enough to fill a pail. Crashing through the back gate with my purple pilferage, I brushed by the mint patch, filling the air with its scent. Then, just as I was settling down to work in my studio I heard steel drums in the park, and had to run out to that warm green field strewn with feathers of the geese who inhabit it all summer between baseball games. The sun and the joyful music warmed me. Summer! Too much to fit into a canvas, and how could I describe this mad beauty anyway? I bought every colour I could find, and I tried.

Being inside my airy studio surrounded by garden felt outside; fuchsias, golds, a few cadmiums popping through the windows, a cool breeze. As I worked, each painting told me a story - not at all the one I had expected, but I listened as the shapes and colours unfolded sometimes way into the evening to the sounds of baseballs pinging off aluminum bats, kids laughing. A humming bird flew in and finally out again, and I put away my paints to try again the next day.

-Jamie Evrard, 2023


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