Isabelle Menin | Natural Order

Isabelle Menin | Natural Order
350 Dundas Street West, Toronto
October 2-16, 2021

Bau-Xi Gallery is pleased to present Natural Order, an exhibition of photographs by acclaimed Belgian artist Isabelle Menin.

Menin weaves digital configuration and her eye for radiant colour to masterfully compose images that suggest both form and distortion.

The flora within these realms, which Menin describes as “disordered landscapes”, are individually documented, each flower carefully lit, and painstakingly captured as part of the artist's eye for intricacy. These powerful symbols act as the mode for Menin's signature mark-making — abstracted and revolved, their petals and stems become a means to enact the artist's disembodied gestures. 

Drawing connections to "nature's strange complexity" and that of human nature, Menin's photography is caught in a state of perpetual transformation. Transcribed with playful artifice and hybridized through her distinct aesthetic "hand", Menin subverts our understanding of her subject matter, unraveling their contextual meaning to render them anew.


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