Eric Louie | Emergence

Eric Louie | Emergence
January 11 - 25, 2020
340 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 11th, 4-5 pm, Artist in Attendance

Vancouver-based painter Eric Louie’s solo exhibition Emergence, at Bau-Xi Toronto, focuses on his ongoing exploration of the interplay of forms in states of transition.

The artist’s distinct future-forward aesthetic and formalist sensibility informs the richly layered virtual worlds of his paintings—rife with colourful shapes, shaded with brightly-hued gradients and accented with chrome-like effects to reinforce a palpable materiality. Louie's forms are at once static and in perpetual motion, synthetic-looking yet singularly organic, imbuing the flatness of the two-dimensional surface with emphatic dimensionality.

These precariously balanced assemblages are charged with dynamic tension and visual potential  evidence of the artist's deft hand as he skillfully manipulates the quality of light and spatial depth within his canvasses to enthralling effect. Ever-present semblances of the familiar, figments of still-lifes, traces of figures and approximations of landscapes emerge from Louie’s evocative compositions as they resist interpretation and beckon the viewer towards abstraction.


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