Drew Burnham | IV Paintings

Drew Burnham
 | IV Paintings
February 6 – 20, 2021
340 Dundas Street West, Toronto

IV Paintings is a new body of work by acclaimed painter Drew Burnham. The sold-out solo exhibition features four new paintings, celebrating the artist's characteristic use of lush forms, intricate brushstrokes, and sweeping movement. Coveted by art collectors across the country, Burnham's highly recognizable works boldly embody the vitality of the Canadian wilderness.

Drew Burnham is an established Canadian painter, well-known for his unique stylized realist portrayal of the Coastal British Columbia landscape. Vivid colour, stylized form, and glazed painted lines make his paintings jump to life. The paintings seem to pulse with an inherent rhythm as the artist employs his own highly recognizable visual vocabulary. With an ever-increasing demand for his work, Burnham has experienced sold-out shows for over 10 years.
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