DAVID T. ALEXANDER | Land and Mindscape : Perceptions and Sensations

DAVID T. ALEXANDER | Land and Mindscape : Perceptions and Sensations
June 10 - 24, 2017
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 10 from 2-4 PM | Artist in attendance

Celebrated painter David T. Alexander ignites the long tradition of Canadian landscape painting in Land and Mindscape : Perceptions and Sensations with a painterly force and reverence. The exhibition recalls the artist’s time as a participant and workshop leader at the influential Emma Lake Artists’ Workshop in Saskatchewan among the likes of Kenneth Noland, Clement Greenberg and Jules Olitski.
Alexander’s wet series explores water as form by combining luminous color with flattened, uncanny perspective. Reflective pools, elusive ripples and subtle shifts of light and glare are punctuated by tall, vertical reeds which culminate into richly painted surfaces that oscillate between pure abstraction and recognizable natural forms. In his dry series, Alexander continues his interest in evoking dramatic horizon lines, textured craggy terrain and cliff faces with a loose yet decisive painterly hand. Brazen brushwork and localized color create shifting moments that recall the artist’s lived experiences within the varied, rugged landscapes of Canada, Iceland and the United States.
In Land and Mindscape : Perceptions and Sensations Alexander demonstrates that his investigation of landscape is by no means exhaustive.  “These water paintings remind us all that our views of the landscape are always reflections – and they are fragmented and constricted,” shares Alexander. Alexander’s paintings, with their enigmatic, often curious and illustrative titles, leave clues for the viewer to contemplate the fraught nature of landscape as a resource, as a space of memory, as a source of life in all its sublime wonder.

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