David T. Alexander | Small Works

David T. Alexander | Small Works
July 1 - August 24, 2019
350 Dundas Street W, Toronto

Bau-Xi is pleased to present a gallery feature of David T. Alexander's Small Works, a new collection of intimate, small-scale landscapes. 

Throughout his fifty-year career, David Alexander has been known to paint works ranging from incredibly large-scale to those only mere inches wide. While his large paintings are undoubtedly powerful, Alexander's mastery of paint is equally evident in his small works. The pieces burst with intensity and drama, managing to possess an incredible amount of visual information despite their small size. These works prove that it is not scale that envelops a viewer into a scene, but rather a true understanding and honest portrayal of a subject by a skilled artist.

Through exploration and intimate study, Alexander’s lyrical work transcends the specificity of location and manifests as something new and entirely his own. Part refinement, part embellishment, the interactions occurring in his paintings make them an event rather than strictly a landscape. The final piece, even in intimate scale, beautifully expresses the drama of the subject Alexander explored. 

Bau-Xi is excited to announce the launch of a book dedicated to David T. Alexander's Small Works. Purchase the book here. 




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