Darlene Cole | The Intimates

DARLENE COLE | The Intimates
340 Dundas Street West, Toronto
December 3 - 18
Opening Reception, December 3, 2-4 PM

This December, Bau-Xi Toronto presents The Intimates, an exhibition of new oil paintings by Darlene Cole, running December 3rd - 17th, 2016. For years, Cole has captured the hazy, haunting world of poetry and wonder. Her canvases—dreamy expanses inhabited by spirited figures—are studies of time, memory, and place. In this series, Cole continues to explore the connotative power of interiors, this time with a special focus on personal space and the evocation of memory through sensation. Compelled by what the artist calls her “lust for immediacy,” Cole looks to the inseparable relationship between sense and memory, revealing how the deeply human experience of a particular space in time is also a threshold to shared histories. 

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