Cori Creed | Playlist
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver
May 7-21, 2022

Vancouver artist Cori Creed’s new solo exhibition, Playlist, offers a collection of West Coast landscapes, created as a playlist of familiar songs. Creed notes that songs change as you learn the lyrics by heart, and the same goes for your imagination when forms become familiar. Her decisive brushstrokes depict our forests, bringing a new rhythm of graphic elements into the landscape.

Artist Statement:

“The show is a continuation of a theme - using landscape and its patterns as a vehicle to tell stories of place and process. I was thinking about the value in repeated exploration of a particular subject or method. Elements become etched in memory and yet transmuted to become original forms each time. There is a fluidity and an increase in imagination that can come when forms become so familiar that there is less time looking at physical reference and more time working from memory and looking within. I was thinking about the parallels between painting certain subjects or stories again and again and listening to a musical playlist over and over. The songs change as you learn the lyrics by heart, as you notice chord changes or vocal variations that you hadn’t been aware of initially. There is a different feeling and focus that comes with listening to a song for the first time compared to the feeling of experiencing a song that you have become intimately connected to. These musings led to the naming of paintings in this series using some of the songs on the playlist that I have been listening to in the past year.”

- Cori Creed, 2022


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