Cori Creed | Envision
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver
May 8-22, 2021

In Envision, celebrated painter Cori Creed continues her years-long exploration of the nature of visual storytelling.
Informed by her personal history and lived experience with the West Coast landscape, Creed crafts illusory depth within her canvases then layers richly textured brushstrokes and abstract mark-making to render dynamic surfaces that both recede into the distance and approach to meet the eye.
Part unconscious experimentation and part deliberate gesture, Creed’s application of medium, which incorporates spray, staining, and washing techniques, serves to enrich the painted “text” and break the fourth wall, disrupting the three-dimensional picture space of Creed’s compositions.
With a self-reflexive consideration of her own practice and a keen awareness of the viewer and their unique ways of seeing, Creed questions the assumption of that which is “plainly there in front of us”, rendering these boundaries between the objective and subjective truths indistinct.


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