Chroma | Curated Exhibition

Gallery Artists | Chroma
February 1-22, 2024
1384 Dufferin Street, Toronto

Chroma refers to the purity and depth of a colour. An artist will employ chroma in a myriad of ways, whether it a be vibrant pop, pulling your eye towards certain elements of the composition – or a dark richness, creating a sense of contrast and depth. This February, we have chosen works by Bratsa Bonifacho, Alex Cameron, Anda Kubis and Eric Louie – artists who use high chroma in their respective practices. As a result, their work is bold and energetic, often applying paint directly from the tube, only adding tints, tones, and shades by necessity. These artists are able to utilize these techniques to create uniquely stunning work, catching your eye, and drawing you in to absorb one colour after another.


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