Anne Griffiths | From This Place
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver

Inaugural Exhibition with Bau-Xi
March 5-19, 2022

Anne Griffiths’ unique and intuitive expressions of nature represent a new chapter in the established lexicon of Canadian landscape art. Through gestural line work, a sophisticated colour palette, and varying levels of abstraction, she visually interprets the visceral feeling of being amongst and communing with nature, giving equal attention to the ordinary and extraordinary elements that she encounters in any given landscape.

Artist Statement:

Nature in all forms is the subject that speaks loudest to me. I draw so much from it: pattern, the language of line, contrast, colour and form. From that I paint from memory and attempt to channel the visual and emotional language of nature. My work begins intuitively with colour choices, and then I let the structure of my first marks on the canvas lead me to the place the painting wants to go. Each painting is a completely new and surprising adventure for me.

-Anne Griffiths 2022

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