Alex Cameron | Colours

Alex Cameron paintings at Bau-Xi Gallery

Alex Cameron | Colours
May 4-25, 2023
340 Dundas Street W., Toronto
Opening Reception Thursday, May 4, 5-7 pm | Artist in Attendance

Bau-Xi Gallery proudly presents, Colours, a solo exhibition by the accomplished Canadian painter, Alex Cameron. With paintings spanning from 1988 to 2023, this exhibition explores the artists evolving fascination with colour and texture.
On his practice and vision, Cameron has written: "The essence of a painting for me is the same as the essence of a poem. The light of the canvas pours into the eye, it is a poem of vision. A painting must be an experience for me that points the way toward a clarity of mind."

Alex Cameron's explorative relationship with colour and texture has defined his work for over 40 years. Immersed in the arts from a young age, Cameron was introduced to New York City’s Abstract Expressionist movement in the 1960s and witnessed concurrent and equally powerful experiments in abstraction back home in Toronto. The artist’s celebration of pure pigment has since characterized his canvases. His thick, painterly application lends lively sculptural form to both energetic landscapes and non-representational studies. Not only bold and bright, Cameron’s colours are unconventional and built up in linear “ropes” of paint, often applied straight from the tube, making his surfaces hum with life. His subjects—the varied landscapes of Canada observed during his regular coast to coast travels—are not merely captured or recorded in paint, but rather honoured for their complexity; they are organic and magical environments that live and grow.

Alex Cameron’s paintings have been collected extensively in Canada and abroad. Notable collections include the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Royal Bank of Canada, and The Queen’s Silver Jubilee Art Collection.


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