Photo by Sarah Jane Photography



1)      Describe your perfect day at the studio—what are your ideal conditions for creativity?

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi delivered a wonderful Ted talk on “flow.” I have sought out theories and discussions on similar topics, because for me to do my best work I believe that I have to reach a place where the subconscious takes over, or at least takes the helm. I have been lucky in that I have never found myself short of inspiration, and so undisturbed time is my biggest challenge. Finding stretches of it where I can start to unfold my ideas and inspiration, and then gradually let go of everything but the act...

(Click here to watch the Ted Talk by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi)


2)       Your latest exhibition is called ‘Stage.’ This word has such a history, and rich connotations. What about the concept of the stage resonates with your practice?

Constructing tension between a perception of a physical place, and the awareness of the mediums and their application is an ongoing quest for me. Setting a stage to reveal an emotional experience: mine, in my absorbing and retelling of an inspiration, and the viewer’s experience, in the way that they view the “set” through their own filters. Interrupting our willingness to accept illusions of perspective with marks that so obviously live on a two dimensional surface. It seems theatrical in a way. A stage. A story.


Painting detail


3)       This new work demonstrates some new palettes for you—are there particular pigments or contrasts that are exciting you these days?

Pink is such a loaded colour. This could be a long answer I think! I will keep it short though. I have avoided it in the past, but I have pulled it out lately and have been appreciating the emotional response that I now have to it.



4)      What about the motif of the birch tree in particular inspires you?  Are there other naturally occurring forms that lend themselves well to paint?

I am drawn to patterns and textures that occur in nature, and birch trees are such a fabulous place to find both. The graphic black and white of the trees allows for endless flexibility and interest when partnered with other pigments. They are a perfect starting point for explorations in mediums and their application. They are represented within the pieces while at the same time generously accepting of abstraction. Birches, grasses, and many other tree forms allow me to tell a tale of found beauty--of human perception, as well as of paint.




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MICHAEL WOLF | CITY: Michael Wolf Showcase

Michael Wolf Collection

MICHAEL WOLF | CITY: Michael Wolf Showcase

350 Dundas St. W, Toronto
March 4 - 18, 2017

On display at Bau-Xi Photo, view a selection of works from Michael Wolf's Tokyo Compression, Architecture of Density, Transparent City, and Paris Rooftops series. From the intimate to the alienating, this exhibition captures the nature of urban experience across four cities: Tokyo, Hong Kong, Chicago, and Paris.

Tokyo's claustrophobic subway systems reveal the conditions of the city’s population, and document rapidly expanding urban-industrial centers. Foregrounded views of Hong Kong, Chicago, and Paris skylines magnify perspective and present the cityscape in rhythmic layers of architecture, history, and human intervention. Together, works from each series show Wolf’s commitment to documenting the city as a space we both inhabit and behold.



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1) How would you describe your work ?

Messy, drippy, oozy, sketchy, colourful, full.

2) What are you most excited about in this current body of work and what are you striving to achieve that would set it apart from previous ones ?

I love working big and loose. These are my wildest paintings yet and I'm enjoying using big house painting brushes.  I want to convey the feeling of being inside a lush, unkempt garden. From up close I hope the paintings just look like paint marks and from far away I want them to create a depth people can climb into. 

3) Most adored colour in your tool box ? Most hated ? Most challenging ?

Currently Perylene Red, a transparent hue somewhere between cherry tomato and the inside of a pomegranate is my favourite colour. Powerful and even harsh, staining colours like Thalo Blue and Green and Quinacridone Violet can take over and ruin a painting or, with a little of their compliment added can create exquisite blacks and greys.

4) As an artist who is also a writer, how do you feel your writing informs your painting and vice versa ?

I'd say writing and painting are about being moved by an experience and conveying that sensation to the viewer/reader in a unique and personal way.  Both mediums teach me that if I don’t have a clue how to start, I just have to do something - Anything.

 5) Besides living in Vancouver you also live part of the year in Umbria. Is there a difference in approach, materials, or subject matter when painting while immersed in these 2 distinctly different cultures and climates? 

The light in Italy is so beautiful and warm and so many gorgeous still life objects are available in the countryside and the markets.  Artichokes come with their leaves on them and I can pick branches of pomegranates.
I paint in my bedroom and pretty much have to make work that will fit under my arm and through the luggage scanner unless I want to get into the whole shipping thing. I don't actually mind those constraints since they make it possible for me to concentrate on smaller works and think more about the craft of painting. I used to figure skate and skaters would spend hours doing what was called "school figures" or various permutations on the figure eight. Italy is where I do my school figures.

I enjoy having lots of quiet time over there to think and get recharged to return to my busy city life and get to work in my big, well lit studio.

 6)  What would be a surprising fact for someone to discover about you ?

That I just invested in a Cyr Wheel and plan to learn to use it. 

7)  Which artists have had the most profound influence on your work ?

Artists whose work I admire and look at lot are Matisse, Joan Mitchell, Manet, and Cy Twombly to name a few.  

Just saw some wonderful paintings in New York by Elise Ansel, Katharina Grosse and Atta Kwami Thami all of whom use colours which will inspire me for a long time.

8) Given the current political climate, what role do you think artists can play ?

Since my work is not at all political I try to do what I think every thinking person should be doing right now which is stick up for what I believe in. Make noise.

 9) What word of advice would you give to an aspiring artist just starting out ? Or what piece of advice would you have wished you could have given to your younger artist self knowing what you know now?

 Being an artist is a scary and unpredictable career.  I would tell an aspiring artist to surround herself with other aspiring artists who believe making art is an important and worthy job.

 10) What are you plans after this show ?

 I already have an idea for some big new works which I hope will tide me though the postpartum time of having hung a show.  In April I’ll return to Italy.



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We are happy to share a glimpse of Drew Burnham's studio as he prepares for his upcoming exhibition in Toronto. Drew has been working for the past 12 months to complete this show which will be unveiled in a presale prior to the show's official opening on April 22nd.

Drew Burnham studio


DREW BURNHAM | New Paintings
340 Dundas St. West, Toronto
April 22 - May 6, 2017




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Bau-Xi Gallery adding to dynamic team in Vancouver


Bau-Xi Vancouver is looking to add a new gallery associate to their sales team. Qualified candidates are encouraged to submit their coverletter and resume to for consideration.


Bau-Xi Vancouver is seeking a full-time employee for a newly created Art Sales – Gallery Assistant position starting as soon as possible. This position offers 40 hours per week, including weekends. Qualified candidates should be highly personable, proactive, motivated, and have strong communication skills. Candidates with fine art or sales experience are given preference.


Working side-by-side with the gallery director and other gallery staff, the candidate will be responsible in assisting clients and artists. The primary focus of the position is to sell contemporary fine art. The gallery assistant will be responsible for a wide variety of gallery functions including sales, marketing to new clients, press communications, inventory, gallery maintenance, digital photography, exhibition installation and client liaison.


  • Experience in fine art sales, luxury sales or equivalent.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Art History, Studio Arts or Fine Arts is an asset
  • Excellent record of developing and maintaining positive client relationships
  • Ability to work within a team and independently with limited supervision.
  • Ability to exercise considerable independent judgment, action, tact and initiative
  • Effective time management skills and the ability to multi-task the various responsibilities inherent in this position.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Valid BC driver’s license is mandatory
  • Ability to lift 25 lbs
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office
  • Familiarity with Photoshop
  • Digital photography skills is an asset


Please submit your resume to

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Jamie Evrard floral artwork presented by Bau-Xi Gallery

Jamie Evrard has been hard at work painting works both large and small for her upcoming solo exhibition in Vancouver.

The paint handling is loose and exploratory and the artist is revelling in the process of applying pure paint to canvas, panel, copper or linen. Most of the works have arrived at the gallery for previewing with the remaining few to arrive in the next 2 weeks as soon as they are complete.


"Restless Spring"
Artist Reception, Saturday March 4th from 2:00 - 4:00 pm
March 4 - 18, 2017
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver


More views from Jamie's studio:

Jamie Evrard floral artwork presented by Bau-Xi Gallery  Jamie Evrard floral artwork presented by Bau-Xi Gallery  Jamie Evrard floral artwork presented by Bau-Xi Gallery 

Jamie Evrard floral artwork presented by Bau-Xi Gallery



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The Salon Sessions at Bau-Xi Vancouver

Bau-Xi Vancouver is pleased to host the latest iteration of The Salon Sessions, a musical performance engaging with Janna Watson's upcoming exhibition, Something In The Air. Join us for this exciting exploration of music and art held over two evenings this February.


The Salon Sessions | Something In The Air
Feb 24 & 25, 7pm-9pm
Participating Artists: Tegan Peemoeller; Frederik Robert; Erin Marks & Chad Clark
Hosted at Bau-Xi Vancouver, 3045 Granville Street




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David Burdeny artwork presented by Bau-Xi Photo

Bau-Xi Photo is pleased to present Oceans, the latest series by David Burdeny. Oceans explores the geological formations of water bodies in the Bahamas, Australia, and Europe, capturing the complex, abstract qualities of the deep sea. Burdeny’s scenes are celebrations of the natural world, but, below the surface, they map a precious and precarious resource. Serpentine sandbars stretch into a Bahamian horizon; Australian bays are sharply rendered fields of impossible blue. Long exposures—evident in views of Sicily—soften waves, revealing formations beneath the water. Bodies that dot the cliff sides cast long shadows, indelible marks on an expanse otherwise untouched. The contemporary sublime is for Burdeny both a call to action that compels one to protect her world, and a message about culpability. Receding vistas are the dreamy escape; human presence is the sobering reminder. Like the depths his exposures reveal, Burdeny unearths layers—of not just the landscape—but the fraught relationship between the earth we inhabit and the environmental future we inherit. 

David Burdeny (b. 1968. Winnipeg, Canada) holds Masters degrees in Architecture and Interior Design, and is the recipient of notable photography awards including Photographer of the Year (Nature category) at the International Photography Awards.


David Burdeny presented at Bau-Xi Photo

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How to hang artwork at gallery height

At Bau-Xi Gallery, we hang artwork at a comfortable gallery viewing height of 54-56 inches at the centre of the artwork. Here is a video demonstrating how to do this yourself.

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Anticipated exhibition coming to Toronto

Cori Creed's anticipated exhibition coming to Toronto


340 Dundas St. W, Toronto
March 4 - 18, 2017

Visit Bau-Xi Toronto this March to enjoy the latest series by landscape painter Cori Creed. Stage represents a project to capture fleeting glimpses of nature, to isolate in paint the total experience of a scene brimming with life. For the artist, painting is an exploration of this temporal and material process, with the final canvas continuing to unfold before our eyes in vibrant hues and strong painterly forms. Time becomes an essential medium for Creed, who both relishes and contends with the impossible task of rendering an elusive moment. Lush trees bow in the wind, waves lap against the shoreline, and soft clouds build on the horizon, with the artist's characteristic splashes and drips infusing each world with perspective and spontaneity. The resulting works are scenes of nature that play out indefinitely on a painted stage. 

Cori Creed was born in Vancouver in 1973. She studied Fine Art at Simon Fraser University and Design at Capilano College. Her work has been collected and exhibited in both Canada and abroad.

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Joshua Jensen-Nagle, washed away

Joshua Jensen-Nagle has been selected to be a part of the prestigious UK art fair, Photo London. Bau-Xi Gallery will exhibit his work as the only Canadian gallery represented at the fair. The artwork selection for Photo London includes Jensen-Nagle's recent aerial beach photos from Italy and Brazil, ski scenes shot in Whistler, and the iconic image 'Washed Away' (shown above). Bau-Xi Gallery looks forward to the opportunity to present this talented Canadian artist to photography collectors in the UK.

Photo London runs May 18-21, 2017 at Somerset House in London

More about Photo London here



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Human Animal Earth, 48 x 54 in. mixed media on canvas, 2016

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Casey McGlynn to discuss his latest exhibition, 'Domestic Animals'

What do you want to achieve with autobiographical drawings?

With the autobiographical drawings, I'm continuing my 20 year pursuit of documenting the narrative of my inner life through imagery. Currently, family life has been my  foremost preoccupation and the imagery of my new found domesticity - a father of 3 young children - flows naturally. 

The structured family life and its weight aren't used often as the subject matter in paintings. With 'Domestic Animals', what are you hoping to say about domestic life?

Family life is simple: supper time; craft time; nap time. I, my wife, and our children participate in all these routine activities together. There is a great deal of beauty and adventure within these small moments.

What is the significance of the animals?

Animals were the beginning of my career as a working artist. I have always been an artist  - an obsessed drawer as child, graduating from painting T-shirts to cars. In 1995, I created my first animal based painting which helped to launch my career and introduce me to the world of fine art. 

How do you decide your color palettes?

Though I only realized the relationship halfway through completing 'Domestic Animals', the colours I used are drawn from the work of a Dutch outsider artist that I own. It is a painting of cheese that hangs in my peripheral vision in my studio. I wasn't consciously referencing the colours in this painting, but clearly, my fondness for it invaded my pratice. 

The sectioning within a painting -- does it carry any meaning, and if so, how do you determine that?

It is a reference to comic book panels, which i love.

Has any of your family members commented on this series of work?

My wife actually said she wanted to keep the paintings in the series that are very personal. But, I felt it was important to exhibit them ... the best joy is that I get to be with the subjects in my paintings everyday.  


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