JANNA WATSON | Something in the Air
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver
February 4 - 25, 2017

There’s something to be said about the simultaneous looseness and order in Janna Watson’s latest paintings. Watson's latest exhibition utilizes paint, pastels and ink to balance shape and colour harmoniously.  Stained panels of loose, gradated paint offer a quiet backdrop for brilliant plumes of colour.  A new lightness emerges within the characteristic abstract marks of Something in the Air.  The distinct half-moon shape of this current body of work appears billowing and free, like clouds separating and reshaping across the sky.  The stark ink lines have graduated from a cross-hatched nets, holding the abstraction within place to become directional lines guiding the viewer's gaze. A dichotomy achieved through playing with differing media within a single composition, Something in the Air activates all of the five bodily senses allowing the viewer to perceive and react to the emotional and rational experiences of the artist.


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CASEY MCGLYNN | Domestic Animals

January 21 - Feb 2, 2017
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver

Nostalgia, poignancy, and the magnificent innocence that characterize Casey McGlynn's style of drawing and mixed media paintings continue into a colourful, multilayered documentation of life. In Domestic Animals, McGlynn integrates his memory and his present family state: paintings include different settings of home, of house, the covers of specific editions of each book that McGlynn has ever read.

Domestic Animals speaks to both exterior and interior domestic landscapes, signifying an anticipation of the future. Varying from his previous works, McGlynn’s Domestic Animals reveals the tension between responsibility, stability, and the child within. 

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February 4 - 18
340 Dundas St. West, Toronto
Opening Reception February 4th
2:00 - 4:00 pm

Bau-Xi Gallery has recently secured representation of four accomplished and exciting artists: Kathryn Macnaughton, Anda Kubis, Erin Armstrong & Vicky Christou. We are thrilled at the opportunity to present a group show featuring these artists for the month of February.

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Alex Cameron, Breezy, 2016, Oil on Canvas, 30 X 38 in. , $6800 ACQUIRE



January 7 - 21
340 Dundas St. West, Toronto
Opening Reception January 7
2:00 - 4:00 pm

"Rainbow Station" is an exhibition of new work by one of Canada’s favourite contemporary landscape painters, whose explorative relationship with colour and texture has defined his work for over 40 years. Immersed in the arts from a young age, Alex Cameron was introduced to New York City’s Abstract Expressionist movement in the 1960s, and witnessed concurrent and equally powerful experiments in abstraction back home in Toronto, where he worked as a studio assistant for the late Jack Bush in the mid-1970s. Cameron’s celebration of pure pigment has since characterized his canvases, with his thick painterly application lends lively sculptural form to both his energetic landscapes and non-representational studies. Not only bold and bright, Cameron’s colours are unconventional, inverted, and built up in linear “ropes” of paint—often applied straight from the tube—that make his surfaces hum with life. His subjects—the varied landscapes of Canada observed during his regular coast to coast travels—are not merely captured or recorded in paint, but rather honoured for their complexity; they are organic, total, and magical environments that live and grow.

Alex Cameron’s paintings have been collected extensively in Canada and abroad. Notable collections include the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Royal Bank of Canada, and The Queen’s Silver Jubilee Art Collection.


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PAT O'HARA | Linearity
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver
January 7 - 18, 2017

From her more representative works of snowy scenes, to soft patterns of concentric lines, and pastel hues, Pat O’Hara’s recent paintings explore the motif of strings, but with a higher velocity: strokes are soft and bright, simultaneously explosive and strong. There is visible confidence in the artist's choice of bold colours, while her inclusion of playful accents on white and black strands stand out among the varying chroma, giving these paintings a sense of grounding. Experiments with resin add luminosity and dimension to her work.

Enriched by the shades of forest, sea, and nature, Linearity demonstrates a sense of certainty and assertion in O'Hara's artistry.

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Gallery Artists | Bau-Xi Vancouver

BAU-XI VANCOUVER | Holiday Exhibition 
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver
December 3 - 18

Bau-Xi Vancouver presents its annual Holiday Group exhibition featuring new work by gallery artists. Expect a wide variety of works in all sizes and media. To list just a few: Introducing Vancouver painter Vicky Christou with new textured paintings and oil pastels on paperworks, intimate plein air studies by David Alexander, new floral paintings by Jamie Evrard, and large tondo seascapes by Cori Creed.

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Darlene Cole | The Intimates

DARLENE COLE | The Intimates
340 Dundas Street West, Toronto
December 3 - 18
Opening Reception, December 3, 2-4 PM

This December, Bau-Xi Toronto presents The Intimates, an exhibition of new oil paintings by Darlene Cole, running December 3rd - 17th, 2016. For years, Cole has captured the hazy, haunting world of poetry and wonder. Her canvases—dreamy expanses inhabited by spirited figures—are studies of time, memory, and place. In this series, Cole continues to explore the connotative power of interiors, this time with a special focus on personal space and the evocation of memory through sensation. Compelled by what the artist calls her “lust for immediacy,” Cole looks to the inseparable relationship between sense and memory, revealing how the deeply human experience of a particular space in time is also a threshold to shared histories. 

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David Alexander | Wandering Wants No Root

David Alexander

DAVID ALEXANDER | Wandering Wants No Root
340 Dundas St. West
November 5 - 19

Exciting new canvases by David T. Alexander are on display this November at Bau-Xi Toronto.Wandering Wants No Root is a phrase that for Alexander describes a process, a distinct aesthetic, and a painted philosophy. Much in the same way that the artist’s brush wanders across his canvases—with linear strokes dissolving into pools of light and colour—so too does Alexander himself wander conceptually through his re-created, reflected worlds.  New work communicates a nomadic approach to both paint and process: tall reeds spontaneously sprout out of their own reflection, the water’s surface a space of distortion and multiplication. Thick brush overlays landscapes with dark, impenetrable screens; Alexander’s land is just within view, not always entirely accessible, and often unattached to clear, geographic referents. Wandering Wants No Root captures land as a map of shimmering surfaces, speculative spaces that bend and move before our eyes.

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Gallery Artists | Through Forest, Sea and Sky


GALLERY ARTISTS | Through Forest, Sea and Sky
3045 Granville Street
November 5 - 19

This group exhibition featuring new work by gallery artists explores the West Coast landscape in all its beauty and complexity. From deep within moss covered forests, and further beyond to the mountains, and valleys, and traversing the coastline, this region continues to inspire the artists who re-envision the genre of landscape painting through a contemporary lens.


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Joshua Jensen-Nagle | Modern Leisure

Joshua Jensen-Nagle presented by Bau-Xi Gallery

324 Dundas St. West
November 5 - 19

Special preview in our ART TORONTO booth, A30
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Friday October 28, 2016, 5-8pm - artist talk at 6pm

Preview the newest work by Joshua Jensen-Nagle this fall at Art Toronto. Join us at booth A30 for a reception with the artist, and  to view an exciting showcase of this fair-exclusive series. Please contact the gallery for details. Limited tickets available.

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Chris Shepherd | Construct

324 Dundas St. West
October 15 - 20

Construct is a series of interventions on physical photographic prints by Toronto artist Chris Shepherd. Through shredding, cutting, tearing, folding, crumpling and other processes, Shepherd re-configures his images into sculptural forms. These new objects are then re-photographed with a result that prompts viewers to re-evaluate the conventional language of photography. Images of sky, urban greenery, and industrial parking lots infuse Shepherd's experiments in medium with a distinct quality of the everyday. Memory, nostalgia, documentation and other established tropes of the medium become secondary to form and object, activating dialogue about the very definitions of the photograph itself.

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Bratsa Bonifacho | Return to Babylonia

BRATSA BONIFACHO | Return to Babylonia
3045 Granville Street
October 15 - 29

Bratsa Bonifacho's interest in communication and cultural identity is the foundation for his latest exhibition, Return to Babylonia. A fascination with Akkadian, the ancient language of a Babylonia, led the artist to explore the triangle and line motifs of the alphabet. A breaking-up and bursting of the iconic grid patterning and Roman alphabet of the artist's seminal "Habitat Pixel" series, Bonifacho's latest paintings deconstruct and splay the recognizable shape of letters, numbers and symbols into blooms of cacophonous colour.

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