Janna Watson | Skywriting Advance Preview

Toronto-based abstract artist Janna Watson has applied her signature elegant, yet playful, gestural abstract style to an anticipated new series inspired by clouds, the sky, and the Daoist philosophy of Wu Wei, or “effortless action”. Watson explains how she embraced Wu-Wei: “I meditate when I paint and really try to shut out all thoughts. I strive to become an equal player to each pigment.” Regarding her show title Skywriting: “The sky is my muse. It is no-place and all-places, and as a subject matter, it is my connective portal to nature. Unlike landscape, which references the topography of a specific place, the sky is a numinous entity that draws us toward a greater power.” 

This preview has now closed. All paintings are now available for viewing on the public  Janna Watson page . Please click here to see all available works in this collection.

To secure a piece, please contact us at 604-733-7011 or info@bau-xi.com.

Solo exhibition dates: February 4-18, 2023
Bau-Xi Gallery Vancouver
3045 Granville Street

*Listed prices do not include applicable taxes or shipping. All works are unframed. 
Please note that these paintings can be hung in any orientation.

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