Artist Spotlight: Andre Petterson

On Horizon

In Andre Petterson’s new show Horizon, the sea is omnipresent. If you imagine yourself in the middle of the gallery, surrounded by the paintings, the water closes you in.

It is a possible future reality, one that we have been confronted with in recent years. The works in Horizon appeal to the images we have seen on the news, or with our own eyes since British Columbia has not been spared either. The now well-known ‘atmospheric rivers’ became actual rivers, which had the power to displace people and destroy highways. Many of us will have the images of frothing waves, finding their way through the landscape, etched on our memories.

Petterson has always been inspired by the 'randomness in an ordered civilization'. In some paintings he recreates 'that which has been discarded'. Mimicking found objects, he creates romantic improvised boat and homelike structures that remind us of the fact that we should not underestimate the usefulness and beauty of workmanship. Manual skills might come in handy one day.

Sometimes it's hard to look ahead when the future is ominous. The sea may be our enemy, but it is also our friend, a source of knowledge, play, and wonder. Let Petterson's works be a reminder of the beauty of the unknown.

If you allow yourself to see it, there is hope on the horizon. The world Petterson creates is a resilient one. When looking at the works featured in Horizon, perhaps we are looking at a post-flood world, where the receding waters are announced not with an olive twig, but with spring blossoms. In this world we start again.

Exhibition on view at Bau-Xi Vancouver from April 2-14, 2022

Andre Petterson is a multi-media artist who attempts to capture the essence of a split-second in time. His current photography-based work explores various themes of lighting to create elements of mystery.

Andre Petterson has exhibited in both private and public galleries in Canada and the United States. He is the recipient of The National Film Board of Canada Award, and has work featured in numerous private and public collections including Canada Council Art Bank, Canadian Airlines, Vancouver General Hospital, Claridge Investments, Duracell Canada, Esso Resources Canada, Pan-Pacific, Seattle, WA, Polygon Group Ltd., Richmond Public Art, St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC, and Wall Centre Garden Hotel.

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