Lavanda - Available in 4 sizes
Joshua Jensen-Nagle artwork 'Drifting Over La Fontelina' available at Bau-Xi Gallery Toronto, Ontario
Jill Greenberg Artwork | Colourful, cute and expressive studio portraits of monkeys, horses, bears and abstract paintings.
48 X 30 in. - $9,600 CAD
Secord Rock
Martin Klimas artwork 'Untitled (Serruria Florida)' available at Bau-Xi Gallery Toronto, Ontario
Abstract 60972 - 2 sizes
NYC Little Island 1 - Available in 4 sizes
Us Alone - 4 sizes
30 X 40 IN. - $3,400 CAD
Dock Jump
Jeffrey Milstein Artwork | Colourful, dramatic, graphic, and geometric aerial photographs of New York, Paris, London, Versailles, and Los Angeles.
Countenance 01 - 2 sizes
Isabelle Menin Artwork | Colourful, dramatic, painterly, abstract composite photographs of flowers and fruit.
40 X 30 in. - Edition of 3 - $3,700 CAD
Anda Kubis Artwork | Colourful and bright abstract digital paintings on canvas and paper, referencing traditional oil painting processes.
My Secret is Safe with You 08
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